In addition to regulatory requirements, the Project would incorporate several design features and best management practices to reduce construction and operational GHG emissions. The energy features would also be verified in the Title 24 Compliance Report submitted during the building permit process.

These features include:

· Participation in the California Green Builder Program
· Enhanced heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) systems and duct seals insulation (15 percent above 2008 Title 24)
· Enhanced ceiling, attic and wall insulation (15 percent above 2008 Title 24)
· High-efficiency water heaters (with 19 percent of residential water heating needs accommodated by solar water heaters)
· Energy-efficient three-coat stucco exteriors
· High-efficiency window glazing
· Energy Star appliances and energy-efficient lighting
· Rooftop solar photovoltaic and solar water heating opportunities will be available to many residents

· Residential electric vehicle charging stations that would provide electrical capacity and appropriate circuitry in proximity

    to vehicle parking areas and/or garages
· Parallel hot water piping prepared for hot water re-circulation systems

. Pre-plumbing in residential units to promote the opportunity of grey water systems
· Buyer-optional high-efficiency clothes washers
· Drought-tolerant landscaping plan
· High-efficiency drip irrigation systems
·The use of reclaimed water from the proposed wastewater treatment and water reclamation facility (WTWRF) for outdoor

· The Project would provide areas for storage and collection of recyclables and yard waste for each residence
· Maximization of shade and minimization of impervious surfaces
· Low-volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) coatings and sealants during construction and operation
· Natural gas fireplaces
· Traffic calming measures where allowed
· Use of Tier 4 construction equipment
· Building products that have at least 10 percent recycled content
· Use of recycled materials for flooring, and sustainable wood products and other recycled materials where possible

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Design features & best management practices