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​Valiano will be designed in a manner that allows many of our residents the opportunity to utilize the latest solar technologies to promote further energy savings.

Zero Net Water Use, Solar Systems,

Preserved Open Space 


As a region, we must balance our growth with our available resources and be ever vigilant to ensure that our impact is minimized for existing and future residents.  During our recent period of drought, the availability and conservation of water has been at the forefront.  

Valiano, as designed, provides important water savings.  

During a time when San Diegans have been called upon to substantially reduce their use of water, we are pleased to confirm that Valiano will be a net zero community.  That means Valiano, when fully built out and for the duration of its lifespan, will use less water than it historically has.

The property that comprises Valiano has a long-term history of agricultural use that consumed considerable amounts of municipally supplied drinking water as its primary source of irrigation.  Expert analysis confirms that industry leading water conservation measures and drought tolerant landscape design will result in a community that is very water sensitive and will consume less potable water.  

Valiano will not result in the use of additional water resources, it will actually result in less water use.

Parks, open space, parkways and private landscaping within the Plan Area would be irrigated with recycled water, which will come from the on-site wastewater treatment and water reclamation facility.

The result, San Diego can meet the important need of additional housing while saving water for existing San Diegans.


Residential development within Valiano will be clustered to minimize the amount of disturbance to its natural setting and to make more areas available as open space. 

The Valiano Specific Plan preserves both biological and agricultural open space areas. Specifically, the Plan preserves 28 acres in a biological open space easement and 35 acres preserved in an agricultural open space easement. In total, more than 149 acres on the project site will be set aside as open space. In addition, the project applicant will acquire an additional 83 acres offsite dedicated to long-term open space and environmental preservation.  

This Specific Plan is consistent with the 24 goals of the County’s Conservation and Open Space Element.

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Valiano's plan respects both natural and cultural resources, it protects open space and provides park and recreation resources.