Five Special Neighborhoods to Call Home

Valiano offers five carefully crafted neighborhoods that vary in lot size, and the type and size of the homes. They include single and two- story housing that range from 1,800 to 4,600 square feet.


unique character

Within the Valiano Plan there are several public and passive parks, recreation and open space opportunities for residents of all ages to enjoy. A comprehensive multi-use trail system will also provide access to regional park and trail systems for Eden Valley residents. Each of the parks emphasizes the semi-rural context and open-space aspect of the community and allows for the preservation of natural habitat.

Valiano respects the semi-rural character of the adjacent community by retaining agricultural and biological resources within open space and recreation areas.  In total, Valiano will preserve over 50 percent of the plan area as open space.  In addition, the project applicants are setting aside an additional 83 acres offsite for additional open space and environmental preservation.​

Valiano embodies smart growth. 

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Encompassing 239 acres between San Marcos and Escondido near the intersection of CA 78 and Interstate 15, Valiano weaves together new homes, parks, public trails, open space and agricultural lands. Woven into the fabric of the Eden Valley area are 326 homes clustered in a way to maximize the continuation of open space and natural resources while respecting the natural topography.

Through thoughtful planning, keeping the existing natural slopes and landscape, and adding public trails, the area’s unique character is preserved. And, it's all within a moment of urban North County San Diego.