The existing densities and zoning surrounding Valiano create a natural canvas for this new community.  

Valiano is in close proximity to major transportation, employment, regional healthcare, education (including a state university), recreation and retail centers.

​Transportation in the surrounding area consists of two major highways (State Route 78 and Interstate 15), a Sprinter rail station, and Breeze bus service -- all within walking distance.

Employment centers include industrial and business parks located in San Marcos and Escondido, Vista and Carlsbad to the west; and just moments south on Interstate 15 is Rancho Bernardo’s major employment centers.

Many of the features that make communities like Valiano more attractive places to live also make them healthier.  Streets, trails and open space that are safe and comfortable for equestrian use as well as walkers and bikers encourage people to get more exercise as part of their daily routines. Having transportation options helps reduce traffic and air pollution, and preserving green space helps protect water quality, wildlife and natural habitats  while making communities more attractive.

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Located near major transportation corridors, mass transit, universities, retail and employment centers and existing housing, Valiano solidly represents the principles of Smart Growth.  This planning concept is achieved when urban, suburban and rural communities build housing and transportation choices near jobs, shops and schools. This approach supports local economies, reduces commute times and protects the environment.

A Natural Fit